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Reiki from a RECOVERED Addicts view..

This is a story from one of the Reiki clients that has passed through The Healing Studio.. She suffered from long term addiction..She has now been able to continue on with an AWESOME LIFE that was created to have. Reiki has changed her LIFE forever!!!

Hello my name is Andrea,

I am 30 years old from Waverly New York I also happen to be recovering from drug addiction.

Just a few things from my past.

I became heavy drug user at the age of 19 years old.

Thats when I joined the United States Army thinking it would help the addiction go away... In which it just got worse. I was assaulted by an upper classmen.

Then I just gave up on the army and started using drugs.. I didnt get kicked out I got an honorable discharge due to the fact they never pressed charges on the person.

I was addicted to MORE, and that ment everything..

Herion, Bath Salts, and Meth.

I have been in rehab 15 times.

I have been in jail 13 times.

Been on Parole and Probation and violated everytime..

Because I was so lost in this world I felt like there was no hope.

I also felt as if God gave up on me.. But in reality I was giving up on myself..

I have been homeless for months at a time.

Until one day..

I always remember this woman trying so hard to reach out to me. But I wasn't ready to give up my addictions.

Her name was Tina Ferger.

She was in my childhood life, but I remembered her moving away to North Carolina when I was 9 years old.


September 8, 2017 I called Tina from the Emergency Room. I remember her saying she was in town. When I returned to the place I was renting a room. Her and Her Husband come over to visit me. I warned her I wasnt in good shape.

That's when they offered me to drop everything and find a better way to live by moving to north carolina with them. This was on a friday evening. They had said we will call you on monday if your ready to stop using you can come oh yes and dont use this weekend. So I amazingly did not use.

I called them on monday, I stated IT'S MONDAY IT'S MONDAY!!!

I packed up the only things I had owned left in one storage tote mostly all craft items. Barely no clothes or no shoes.

I got in the truck and off we went.

Mind you I didnt think they would hold up to their word due to the fact the during my addictions I lost everyones trust therefore no one would I thought would ever do something like this for me.

On the drive from Troy PA to North Carolina..

I remember Tina looking back at me saying Andrea do you know anything about Reiki...

And I had NO IDEA...

One of the things she asked me to do was close my eyes and that I did she goes what color do you see...

I said BLACK....

She said you know with Reiki after a few treatments you'll start to see colors BRIGHT COLORS!

I thought it was a joke..

But after all I had put myself through why no be OPEN enough to listen to someone else and try it their way becuase I know my way does not work...

I remember my first reiki treatment.... it was long.. I think I feel asleep but it was a wonderful rest I wasnt In a PTSD nightmare or having flashbacks..

I felt so relaxed afterwords it felt like I took a Xanax but I defenitly didn't.

With reiki there are layers.. Almost like an onion...

The second reiki treatment I saw a bit of white lighting.

A few layers and reiki treatments in I starting seeing the most amazing colors almost like tye-dye and who doesnt like tye-dye RIGHT?!?!!?

Although I had something very AMAZING happen to me a few treatments in.... I remember my right arm going out off the table and I rememeber me trying to pull it in towards my body...

But it kept going outwards no to scare you or anything...

When TIna does a treatment she asks angels and past reiki masters to help her....

Mind you Tina was working on the bottoms of my feet at this time...

When she was done she said was you moving you arm outwards..

I said no but I was pulling it in..

Well the arm that was being worked on by angels... WAS MY ARM I USED TO SELF HARM BY CUTTING MYSELF...

How amazing right?!!

Since I have made awesome changes in my life and I have almost 9months sober WITHOUT REHAB, WITHOUT JAIL, WITHOUT PAROLE!!!

I have my own home!

I have clothes to wear!

I also love myself and I thank the Lord above for keeping me alive for giving me another chance at this AMAZING THING CALLED LIFE!

I hope you all find you purpose in life it can be an awesome thing!!

I am forever grateful for Reiki!!

Thanks for letting me share my experience strength and hope!

Peace and Love,