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Reiki Healing and Breast Cancer

Here at The Healing Studio we have seen my clients on many different levels of issues with MIND, Body, & Spirit.. Recently breast cancer has been a HEALING that is coming to AWARENESS to The Healing Studio.

We have been having GREAT results with Reiki Healing and breast cancer. Many of the clients are in the just finding out stages and are looking for an Alternative to chemo and radiation that can be very damaging to there bodies.

Here at The Healing Studio we make them feel LOVED and perform

Reiki Healing in a calm and Loving environment that makes any sad feeling or emotion seem to just disappear. Many have few Healing sessions to see results and others have many.. But they are seeing positive results.. And isn't that the key word any way POSITIVE!!!!

After treating many clients with the Reiki Healing the breast cancer clients are having GREAT results.. They are laughing more, LOVING themselves LIKE they have never before, and are seeing some hope of LIFE to LIVE for.

I'm not here to tell you that Reiki is the cure for breast cancer but I am here to tell you that something positive is going on...

I just wanted to let you know that you may know someone that has just been diagnosed with breast cancer or has breast cancer this blog is in front of you to help save someones LIFE...Or your own...

We here at the