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Breast Cancer Healing with Reiki Healing..

With the permission of this AWESOME Lady I'm telling her story to you all..Her name is Wanda Everhart. Wanda came into The Healing Studio back in June of this year.

Wanda was telling me when she had her first Reiki Healing session that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer and she shared that yrs. ago she had seen an article in a magazine about how a Lady overcame breast cancer with Reiki Healing..That story came back to her after she was diagnosed and started searching for a Reiki Healing Therapist.. And found The Healing Studio.

When Wanda came into The Healing Studio she was very nervous and scared of the unknown...We helped to make her feel very relaxed... We went into the Reiki Healing room and began the Healing Session as I was starting the Healing session I felt so much PEACE.. I know in that moment that Wanda was released of any cancer that was trying to steal her body..It doesn't always happen that quickly but Wanda was ready to release it.. As I perform the Healing sessions there is alot of praying over, calling in the Arch Angels, and the Holy Spirit that goes through me...

Wanda has had many treatments since June. I have never seen anyone get so excited to get in that Healing room as much as Wanda..She just LOVES what happens to her in there.. PURE LOVE... (that's what Reiki is)

Wanda has had many treatments since then...She is cancer free!!!!! Wanda choose to take the Alternative way to Heal..No CHEMO No Raditation..She is living proof that Reiki Healing sessions work....She now comes once a month for a Reiki session and a Foot Detox..

Wanda told me that she was going to the beach and she did!!! Wanda Is living her BEST LIFE EVER!!!!